Brian E. Langston

Poet, fictionalist, musician, foodie, technophile, jangoleer…

Publishing Credits, as Author

Short Fiction

Poetry – Chapbooks

  • The Ruined City and other poems (Baltimore, MD, 2008) [“The Ruined City”, “the world is a place of color”, “the revolution”, “three confessions”, “dream koan”, “out past santa fe”, “stubborn bull”, “the stone heart, breaking, weeps”, “introduction”, “modesty”, “when even the memory”, “waiting for the taxi”, “snow falls (reprise)”]

Poetry – Anthologies, Journals, Magazines, Broadsides…

  • “on occasion, I have seen”, The Weekly Avocet (#240, July 16, 2017)
  • “necessary items for surviving the zombie apocalypse”, Zombies for a Cure (Elektrik Milk Bath Press, Richardson, TX, 2012)
  • “Building a Better Weapon”, Gargoyle (#55, Paycock Press, Washington, D.C., 2009)
  • “tending horses”, “when even the memory”, Loch Raven Review (Vol 4, Issue 2, Online, 2008)
  • “dream koan”, “the world is a place of color”, Attic (Vol 2, Three Conditions Press, Baltimore, MD, 2007)
  • “stubborn bull”, Octopus Dreams: Poetry in Baltimore Anthology (Abecedarian Books, Baltimore, MD, 2007)
  • “the revolution”, “These Weak Shoulders”, Poems Against War (Vol 6, Wasteland Press, Shelbyville, KY, 2007)
  • “three confessions”, Perpetuum Mobile (Vol 3, Issue 2, Uneven Pavement Press, Baltimore, MD, 2006)
  • “waiting for the taxi”, 4×4 The Newport Review (#19, Portsmouth, RI, 2005)
  • “out past santa fe”, 4×4 The Newport Review (#15, Portsmouth, RI, 2004)
  • “Autumn Burning”, Spectrum (#?, University of Calfiornia, Santa Barbara, CA, 2000)
  • “Copper Into the Night #2”, Catalyst (Vol 4, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, 1999)
  • “The Lush Con-Men”, Catalyst (Vol 3, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, 1998)

Publishing Credits – As Editor

  • POPLORISH (Old Growth Northwest, Seattle, WA). Assistant Editor (2013-2017)
  • Poems Against War (Wasteland Press, Shelbyville, KY). Assistant Editor (2008-2010)
  • Poets’ Ink (Maryland State Literary and Poetry Society, Baltimore, MD). Editor (200x???)
  • ZeldaZine (Zelda’s Inferno Writing Collective, Baltimore, MD, 2007). Assistant Editor.
  • Into the Teeth of the Wind (College of Creative Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA). Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief (1999-2001)

Other Projects


One man. One woman. One dog. One epicurean search for local, sustainable, organic, seasonal cuisine. Noodle/Bones Blog

Viaje del Sueño

South American travel blog with Karla Mancero.

War on Our Dreams

Multimedia poetry music performance piece, in collaboration with Sussurus Din, Matt Muirhead, and Karla Mancero. Go to War!

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